Connections Between EV Charging and Worker Productivity


More drivers are using electric vehicles (EVs) to get from home to work, and more businesses are incorporating EVs into their fleets. As the popularity of electric transportation grows, efficiencies in workplace charging are growing along with it. In our new e-book, The Case for Smart Electric EV Charging, we detail the advantages of intelligent EV charging networks.

One often-overlooked benefit is how PowerFlex’s Adaptive Load Management (ALM) technology combines with the PowerFlex App to make “full-shift parking” a reality. In typical EV charging networks, employees have to move their cars in and out of EV stations for everyone to have an opportunity to charge. Workers lose time and productivity whenever they step away from work to move their cars around.

Using the PowerFlex App, drivers input information, including how many miles they need and how long they’ll be parked. The software coordinates charging so that employees don’t have to waste precious time doing it themselves. Plus, with PowerFlex’s ALM, our network can support 6 times the number of charging stations as a traditional setup, better ensuring that every employee who needs a charger has access to one for the full duration their car needs to be plugged in.

And it gets better, as PowerFlex’s smart EV charging solution does even more for businesses’ bottom lines. Learn all about it by downloading our free e-book here.