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A future where industry leaders generate and utilize clean, distributed energy


Provide organizations with
intelligent onsite solutions that enable carbon-free electrification and transportation

PowerFlex is a clean technology solutions company making the transition to carbon-free energy possible through a combination of green offerings including solar, energy storage, electric vehicle charging, and the adaptive energy management platform PowerFlex X™.

Our ultimate goal? To usher in the age of the Virtual Power Plant where commercial and industrial customers realize cost savings, emissions reductions, energy security, and more by generating, storing, and utilizing clean energy right where it's needed.


commercial solar installer


Largest Public Level 2 EV Charging Network in the U.S.

400+ MW

Solar Installed

40+ MWh




Leading the Charge in Clean Technology Innovation

Born on the campus of Caltech and nurtured under the wing of EDF Renewables, PowerFlex combines the future-focused innovation of Silicon Valley with the decades-long industry experience and financial backing of a global energy giant.

Our products reflect this unique history — providing customers with cutting-edge but dependable tools that help them get the most out of their clean energy assets.

From durable hardware to smart software, PowerFlex has the right products to start you on the path to an affordable carbon-free future.

PowerFlex comes from a long legacy rooted in a commitment to facilitating the adoption of renewable energy technologies. In 1985, EDF launched EDF Renewables to focus on cleantech solutions for Commercial and Industrial Enterprises. Over the next three decades, the product offerings and services have evolved to meet the changing financial, operational, and environmental needs of our customers. In 2021, EDF Renewables spun out PowerFlex as an independent company to focus on the transition to onsite clean technology.

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EDF Renewables is on the forefront of the burgeoning wind industry industry in California as a service provider beginning in 1985.

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EnterSolar begins commercial solar operations (distributed solutions) in the U.S.

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EDF Renewables first distributed solar project mention.

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EDF Renewables begins distributed storage commercial operations.

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PowerFlex Systems begins electric vehicle charging commercial operations.

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EDF Renewables acquires 50% interest in EnterSolar.

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EDF Renewables acquires PowerFlex Systems and completes first onsite smart microgrid combining solar, storage, and EV charging systems.

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EDF Renewables completes acquisition of the remaining interest in EnterSolar, forming a combined PowerFlex.

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Manulife Investment Management invests in PowerFlex, holding a minority stake and joining its Board of Directors.

Our Team

With 500+ combined years of industry experience, the PowerFlex team is passionate about providing premier clean technology solutions for customers.


Raphael Declercq

Raphael Declercq

Chief Executive Officer

Bryan Towe

Bryan Towe

Chief Financial Officer

Nate McMurry

Nate McMurry

Chief Commercial Officer

Lucie Dupas

Lucie Dupas

Chief Delivery Officer

Board of Directors

Tristan Grimbert

Tristan Grimbert

President & Chief Executive Officer at EDF Renewables

Joshua Pearson

Joshua Pearson

General Counsel at EDF Renewables

Pradeep Killamsetty

Pradeep Killamsetty

Managing Director at Manulife

Jerry Hanrahan

Jerry Hanrahan

Senior Advisor / Industry Partner

Luis Silva

Luis Silva

Chief Financial Officer at EDF Renewables


Our Values

Our values represent who we are and how we work. We endeavor to demonstrate these values every day and throughout every aspect of our operations. We focus on doing what’s right for our customers, employees, and communities.


Creating a workplace focused on the health and well-being of the employees, the environment, our customers, and the communities where we do business

Good Sense

Exercising sound business judgment in all our decisions and actions in order to accomplish our mission


Taking personal ownership and pride in our actions and always putting forth our best effort


Openly communicating, actively listening, challenging ideas and processes, and setting reasonable expectations to achieve the best possible outcome


Working together to foster creativity and leveraging individual strengths


Being honest and forthright in everything we do, while understanding and valuing the contributions and priorities of others


Dedication to our mission, clients, our company, the environment, and each other

Our Results (So Far)

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Sites across North America with PowerFlex solutions installed
illustration with buildings


Number of U.S. homes that could be powered annually with energy produced by
PowerFlex projects
road illustration

170 Million

Electric miles provided by PowerFlex electric vehicle charging stations
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We Believe

Diversity, equity, and inclusion are fundamental to our culture and core values. Our unwavering dedication to this pursuit makes us more innovative and creative, which helps us serve our clients and communities better.

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Diversity is having a culture that values the uniqueness of different backgrounds, cultures, genders, races, abilities, generations, and personalities.

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EQUITY ensures that every individual has an equal opportunity to make the most of their lives and talents.

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INCLUSION invites diverse groups to take a meaningful part in sharing ideas, decisions, and company life.

Energize Your Career

Leading the transition to a more sustainable energy future is a big job. That’s why PowerFlex is always looking for qualified, enthusiastic, and entrepreneurial individuals to join our team. If you have a passion for collaboration and a desire to build a cleaner world, consider applying to one of our open positions.

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