Maximizing property value while mitigating environmental impact

Office buildings, multiple-unit dwellings, industrial facilities and everything in between — PowerFlex enables new construction to take financial advantage of clean energy

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Let PowerFlex solve your business challenges

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Energy Costs

Cleantech assets like solar and storage allow properties to reduce their energy expenditure by generating and utilizing clean electricity to fulfill the majority of their power demand

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Tenant Retention

Green energy savings can be passed onto building tenants, encouraging them to rent in your property and re-up their leases for years to come

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New Building Codes

Installing EV chargers, solar and storage lets you keep up with new building codes that mandate a certain percentage of parking spots be EV-capable

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Construction Delays

The installation of cleantech systems can be coordinated with building construction schedules, ensuring projects stay on time and on budget

Experience the PowerFlex difference

PowerFlex gives you control over your energy destiny, allowing you to make the transition to cleaner and more affordable electricity.

Creating a sustainable future, one project at a time

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400+ MW

Solar Installed
energy storage

40+ MWh

Storage Installed
EV charging station installed


EV Chargers Installed
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13 Tons


Discover the benefits of PowerFlex cleantech solutions

Intelligent Energy Utilization
& Smart Engineering

  • Improve the performance of your solar and storage systems with intelligent hardware and software
  • Leverage PowerFlex Adaptive Load Management® to optimize EV charging
  • Save up to 60% on infrastructure upgrade costs when installing EV charging stations
  • Co-optimize across multiple energy assets to achieve maximum output and cost savings

Measurable Sustainability Progress

  • Satisfy a portion of your building’s power demand with onsite energy
  • Reduce carbon footprint by leveraging clean technologies
  • Benefit from renewable energy through community solar options even if your property can’t support a system

Unbeatable Project Success

  • Enjoy turnkey and end-to-end cleantech solutions from a single national provider
  • Take advantage of flexible financial structuring and renewable energy incentives
  • Recoup solar system costs often within 5 years

Quality Equipment at Affordable Prices

  • Access supply chains and competitive pricing through PowerFlex’s global industry relationships
  • Procure dependable solar, energy storage, EV charging,
and microgrid hardware
  • Ensure long-term system longevity with preventative maintenance services

See how we implement cleantech solutions for property development teams

Learn about the intelligent products that help you get the most out of your system

Smart EV Chargers

From Level 2 charging stations to DC Fast Chargers, our intelligent electric vehicle service equipment satisfies the needs of both drivers and site owners alike

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PowerFlex X™

Using patented algorithms, the PowerFlex X intelligent energy management platform monitors, controls, and co-optimizes your onsite clean energy assets including solar, energy storage, EV chargers, and more

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Break free from fossil fuels without breaking the bank

Cleantech solutions are more affordable to install than you might think. PowerFlex has the industry expertise to help make your green dreams a reality.


Slash initial capex and operating costs

Our policy experts connect you with the most beneficial incentives and rebates at the federal, state, local, and utility levels

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Multiple ways to afford
your system

Take advantage of attractive financing arrangements — including ones with no upfront capital commitments

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