Unlock the clean power potential of your sites

400+ MW


40+ MWh




A greener world is powered by climate-friendly solutions

Shrink carbon footprint by reducing GHG emissions

Encourage the adoption of electric vehicles

Reduce your reliance on fossil fuels

Generate and store green energy for onsite backup power

Track metrics for sustainability reporting

A greener world is powered by innovative solutions

Infuse digital intelligence through platform

Vet and deploy cutting-edge energy assets

Respond to changing energy prices

Optimize distributed energy resources to maximize savings, sustainability, and reliability

Increase power grid health by participating in demand response programs​

A greener world is powered by cost-effective solutions

Value stack by co-optimizing all energy assets

Reduce capex costs with future-proofed solutions

Eliminate or minimize electrical service upgrades at your site

Maximize the return on your energy assets

Leverage buying power of the leader in large-scale cleantech projects

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Energy Assets
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Reports & Dashboards
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Smart Algorithms on the Edge

Turning your site into a green energy hub involves many teams

We make it easy for everyone

property management team

Property Development Teams

Keep up with building codes and attract tenants with eco-friendly clean energy systems that are installed on time and budget

sustainability teams

Sustainability Teams

Reduce carbon emissions, comply with regulations, and achieve ESG goals by generating and using onsite renewable energy

operations team illustration

Operations Teams

Fold clean technologies into existing infrastructure with ease, and gain insights into performance with real-time monitoring

Fleet team

Fleet Teams

Decrease cost per mile, increase vehicle readiness, and leverage powerful telematics with intelligent EV charging

IT team

IT Teams

Easily and securely integrate the PowerFlex X™ intelligent energy management platform into your existing tech stack with public APIs

Driver teams


Get the energy you need by the time you leave when you choose PowerFlex smart electric vehicle charging stations

We empower movers and shakers to realize net-zero goals

Whether you’re in sustainability, operations, site development, fleet or IT, PowerFlex accelerates your transition to clean, affordable power.  Here are examples of how we help.

Let’s Do This
James’ Story

Facility Operation Leader

Before PowerFlex

James is the Facility Operations Leader at a large technology company where he recently installed 200 EV chargers.

Unfortunately, he didn’t realize the impact the EV chargers would have on the existing electrical infrastructure.

The campus is experiencing high peak loads and even electrical panel failure due to breakers constantly tripping.

On top of it all, grid instability in the area is causing brownouts, leading to expensive malfunctions in their data center.

James now has to deal with an unhappy boss because of all the money he’s spent on equipment replacements.


After PowerFlex

Reduced energy costs by 30% and site power.

PowerFlex experts conduct a site visit to learn more about James’ power needs.

They implement smart networked EV chargers along with PowerFlex X to flatten charging demand and avoid costly power spikes.

Additionally, an energy storage system reduces overall load, increases site resiliency, and enables demand response.

James saves his company so much money with PowerFlex, he receives a hefty bonus at the end of the year.

James’ Story
Facility Operation Leader
Susan’s Story

Property Development Leader

Before PowerFlex

Susan is a Property Development Leader at a commercial real estate investment trust and is responsible for developing a large portfolio of sites.

Her company wants new developments to be green in order to capitalize on government incentives, as well as increase net operating income (NOI) by charging a premium for eco-conscious tenants.

The problem is Susan’s team is inexperienced with clean energy and related policies and regulations. Making matters worse, her portfolio spans many states and utilities.

Now Susan’s only options are to become burned out working overtime to complete the due diligence herself or sink company money into hiring consultants.


After PowerFlex

Set to increase NOI from day one…and for the next 20 years

PowerFlex leverages its decades of experience in the renewables industry to secure all available federal, state, and utility-level incentives across Susan’s portfolio.

The team analyzes each site for solar feasibility and assesses the proposed properties for EV charging station installations — green amenities that are sure to attract high-paying tenants.

From there, PowerFlex works with the architects and EPC (engineering procurement construction) to turn early-stage conceptual drawings into fully developed building plans that accommodate clean energy assets.

With the time and resources PowerFlex saves her, the only job Susan has to focus on is her own.

Susan’s Story
Property Development Leader
Aaron’s Story

Sustainability Leader

Before PowerFlex

Aaron is a Sustainability Leader who needs to accomplish his company’s net-zero goal in 5 years.

He’s transitioning his gas-powered fleet to EVs and must report on Scope 1, 2, and 3 emissions.

Aaron lacks reliable data to prove his progress to the executive team — and whatever he can find takes months to sift through.

More time cobbling together reports means less time Aaron has to spend with his family and friends.


After PowerFlex

Achieved net zero goals by turning the site into a green energy hub.

With PowerFlex as a guide, Aaron realizes his roof is a prime candidate for solar energy, which helps charge his EV fleet and offsets utility power costs.

An energy storage system adds a layer of resiliency and generates additional revenue through demand response programs.

And thanks to the PowerFlex X intelligent energy management platform, Aaron receives accurate GHG reporting automatically.

Now Aaron’s work-life balance is just as healthy as his company’s sustainability profile.

Aaron’s Story
Sustainability Leader
“PowerFlex understood everything that we were trying to accomplish, almost as if they were the client . . . One of the great benefits of working with PowerFlex, is that they were able to navigate through all the red tape and any obstacles in the way to let us go on with our [solar] project.”
Gene McCarthy
President and CEO of ASICS America

You don’t have to imagine anymore.
A clean energy world is here.

Clean technology is proven. Industry leaders are charging ahead to take advantage of the financial incentives to move to clean energy.

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Optimize asset performance.
Minimize costs.
Make the world a bit greener.

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Asset Control
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Asset Monitoring
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Asset Modeling
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Energy Forecasting
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Asset Co-Optimization

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