Renewable Energy Products

Intelligent products that make clean, affordable power possible

Any provider can install EV chargers or solar panels on a property. But only PowerFlex has the technology to help everyone from facility managers to sustainability officers get the most out of them — operationally and financially.

PowerFlex products leverage Adaptive Load Management® algorithms to optimize energy usage, reduce costs, eliminate costly upgrades, and put customers on a smarter path to sustainability.

Because it’s not just about progress. It’s about performance, too.

Experience the PowerFlex difference

PowerFlex gives you control over your energy destiny, allowing you to make the transition to cleaner and more affordable electricity.

Discover smart software and hardware

Smart EV Chargers

From Level 2 charging stations to DC Fast Chargers, our intelligent electric vehicle service equipment satisfies the needs of both drivers and site owners alike

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PowerFlex X™

Using advanced optimization strategies, the PowerFlex X adaptive intelligent energy management platform monitors​, controls, and co-optimizes onsite clean energy assets including solar, energy storage, and EV chargers

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PowerFlex Fleet+

Take the guesswork out of EV charging management with a single dashboard that seamlessly coordinates vehicle schedules, utility rates, telematics data, and facility load

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Turning your site into a green energy hub involves many teams

We make it easy for everyone

property management team

Property Development Teams

Keep up with building codes and attract tenants with eco-friendly clean energy systems that are installed on time and budget

sustainability teams

Sustainability Teams

Reduce carbon emissions, comply with regulations, and achieve ESG goals by generating and using onsite renewable energy

operations team illustration

Operations Teams

Fold clean technologies into existing infrastructure with ease, and gain insights into performance with real-time monitoring

Fleet team

Fleet Teams

Decrease cost per mile, increase vehicle readiness, and leverage powerful telematics with intelligent EV charging

IT team

IT Teams

Easily and securely integrate the PowerFlex X™ intelligent energy management platform into your existing tech stack with public APIs

Driver teams


Get the energy you need by the time you leave when you choose PowerFlex smart electric vehicle charging stations

Trusted by Industry Leaders

“Our clients rely on us for reliability and timeliness. PowerFlex was able to design and implement our Fleet EV charging solution with minimal interruption to our business processes. From beginning to end, they were a valued partner who handled every aspect of the project seamlessly and expertly. I would recommend them to any corporation or organization that is considering installing EV charging infrastructure for fleets or customers.”
DHL Express
Chris Irvin, Senior Manager of Fleet Sustainability at DHL Express
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Why partner with PowerFlex?

Born on the campus of Caltech and nurtured under the wing of EDF Renewables, PowerFlex combines the future-focused innovation of Silicon Valley with the decades-long industry experience and financial backing of a global energy giant.

Our products reflect this unique history — providing customers with bleeding-edge but dependable tools that help them get the most out of their clean energy assets.

From durable hardware to smart software, PowerFlex has the right products to start you on the path to an affordable carbon-free future.

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13,000 Tons


Frequently Asked Questions

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Q: Can I use PowerFlex X with my existing energy assets?
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