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See how a battery energy storage system reduces energy costs, increases sustainability, and improves resiliency

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Let PowerFlex solve your business challenges

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High Energy Costs

Energy storage allows organizations to implement cost-saving strategies like energy arbitrage – charging the battery when electricity rates are low, and using the stored energy when rates are high​

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High Demand Charges​

Energy storage systems can help facilities avoid high demand charges by performing “peak shaving” or “load shedding” – ​quickly shifting to battery power consumption during peak pricing periods​

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Sustainability Mandates

When paired with solar energy systems, energy storage systems enables excess solar generated during the day to be stored and used at night, extending the hours of green energy use to help organizations meet their sustainability targets​

Poor Grid Reliability​

Energy storage systems can enhance a facility’s energy resiliency during power outages by serving as a source of backup power for critical operations and services​

Turning your site into a green energy hub involves many teams

We make it easy for everyone

property management team

Property Development Teams

Keep up with building codes and attract tenants with eco-friendly clean energy systems that are installed on time and budget

sustainability teams

Sustainability Teams

Reduce carbon emissions, comply with regulations, and achieve ESG goals by generating and using onsite renewable energy

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Operations Teams

Fold clean technologies into existing infrastructure with ease, and gain insights into performance with real-time monitoring

Fleet team

Fleet Teams

Decrease cost per mile, increase vehicle readiness, and leverage powerful telematics with intelligent EV charging

IT team

IT Teams

Easily and securely integrate the PowerFlex X™ intelligent energy management platform into your existing tech stack with public APIs

Driver teams


Get the energy you need by the time you leave when you choose PowerFlex smart electric vehicle charging stations

Experience the PowerFlex difference

PowerFlex gives you control over your energy destiny, allowing you to make the transition to cleaner and more affordable electricity.

Creating a sustainable future, one project at a time

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Storage Installed

Discover the benefits of PowerFlex energy storage solutions

Intelligent Energy Optimization

  • Enable energy arbitrage by storing electricity when prices are low and using battery power when prices are high
  • Participate in demand response programs that compensate you for reducing strain on the grid
  • Use stored energy to shave your maximum electricity usage and avoid expensive peak demand charges

Quality Equipment at Affordable Prices

  • Access supply chains and competitive pricing through PowerFlex’s global industry relationships
  • Procure quality batteries, enclosures, and other storage infrastructure that are built to last
  • Ensure long-term system longevity with preventative maintenance services

Energy Resiliency With Microgrid Technology

  • Stay online during power outages with battery backup
  • Mitigate financial and productivity losses due to extended blackouts
  • Keep business-critical infrastructure powered and operational independently of the grid

Unbeatable Project Success

  • Enjoy turnkey and end-to-end cleantech solutions from a single national provider
  • Take advantage of flexible financial structuring and renewable energy incentives
  • Use monthly utility bill savings to help recoup system installation costs

Your partner throughout the project lifecycle

Turnkey or upgrade projects. Single properties or multi-site portfolios. No matter the project, PowerFlex is there with you every step of the way.

Multi-Site Portfolio

Single Site

1-2 Months

Site Validation & Valuation

  • Assess site feasibility

  • Determine applicable policy incentives

  • Advise on local and federal policies

  • Create project economics model

  • Identify financing options

2-5 Months

Site Development

  • Create/refine site design and building plans

  • Submit incentive program applications

  • Maximize incentive program funding

  • Track program funding

  • Arrange finance options

  • Secure utility approval

  • Secure permits, as applicable

  • Sign contracts

1-18 Months

Engineering Procurement Construction (EPC)

  • Complete full engineering plans

  • Secure permitting from AHJ (authority having jurisdiction)

  • Hire construction contractors

  • Coordinate with onsite team

  • Procure all major equipment

  • Coordinate with utility for interconnection

  • Mobilize and build

  • Obtain COD (commercial operation date)

Asset Life

O&M and Asset Management

  • Define total scope

  • Sign contracts

  • Monitor and optimize energy assets

  • Dispatch O&M team as required

  • Manage warranties

  • Provide customer support

  • Manage ongoing incentives

  • Decommission energy assets responsibly

See how we implement energy storage solutions for top-tier customers

Learn about the intelligent platform that helps you get the most out of storage

PowerFlex X™

Using patented algorithms, the PowerFlex X intelligent energy management platform monitors, controls, and co-optimizes your onsite clean energy assets including solar, energy storage, EV chargers, and more

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Break free from fossil fuels without breaking the bank

Cleantech solutions are more affordable to install than you might think. PowerFlex has the industry expertise to help make your green dreams a reality.


Slash initial capex and operating costs

Our policy experts connect you with the most beneficial incentives and rebates at the federal, state, local, and utility levels

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Multiple ways to afford
your system

Take advantage of attractive financing arrangements — including ones with no upfront capital commitments

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