The cleantech revolution is here — don’t get left behind

PowerFlex’s customizable clean technology solutions allow organizations of all kinds to future-proof their business through carbon-free electrification.

Leveraging zero-emissions energy, customers can limit operating costs, reduce reliance on utilities, and reach green goals — helping everyone from property developers to operations managers to sustainability officers do their jobs more easily and efficiently.

Save time and money, while saving the planet. That’s a win-win.

Experience the PowerFlex difference

PowerFlex gives you control over your energy destiny, allowing you to make the transition to cleaner and more affordable electricity.

A solution for every one of your onsite energy needs

EV Charging

Bring large-scale, cost-effective, and load-managed electric vehicle charging to your facility without major infrastructure upgrades or utility demand charges

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From rooftop and ground-mounted systems to carports, our photovoltaic options put the sun to work for you by providing emissions-free energy that offsets your utility usage

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Energy Storage

Enjoy added value, greater cost control, and increased energy security through reliable battery storage that gives you the power to decide when and how you use your energy

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Achieve energy resiliency while reducing operating expenses and GHG emissions with a fully integrated cleantech system that functions independently of the grid during blackouts

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Intelligent Energy Management

Optimize onsite energy assets for maximum performance, sustainability, and cost savings through our adaptive intelligent energy management platform, PowerFlex X™

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Trusted by Industry Leaders

"We were looking for options to bring energy conservation not only into the design of our products, but also into the operation of our building. Installing solar is a key element of that. Working with PowerFlex was a big victory for us and for the environment … overall in relationship with vendors and customers, being on the path of sustainability is a very good thing. I’m really glad we were able to take that step with PowerFlex."
Neoperl, Inc.

Why partner with PowerFlex?

When you work with PowerFlex, you get access to a full suite of integrated cleantech options that allow you to generate, store, utilize, and optimize zero-emissions electricity.

Our experts will design and build a dependable, intelligent system that’s not only made to fit your current energy needs but also has the ability to expand as those needs evolve.

Multiple solutions under one roof through a single point of contact. That’s the power of PowerFlex.

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400+ MW

energy storage

40+ MWh

Energy storage
EV charging station installed


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13,000 Tons


Break free from fossil fuels without breaking the bank

Cleantech solutions are more affordable to install than you might think. PowerFlex has the industry expertise to help make your green dreams a reality.


Slash initial capex and operating costs

Our policy experts connect you with the most beneficial incentives and rebates at the federal, state, local, and utility levels

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Multiple ways to afford
your system

Take advantage of attractive financing arrangements — including ones with no upfront capital commitments

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Q: Why should I consider installing a clean technology solution?
Q: How much do clean technology solutions cost and how long do they take to implement?