5 Benefits of Workplace EV Charging


U.S. electric vehicle (EV) sales picked up in 2022, with a record 200,000 sold in Q3, according to a Kelly Blue Book report. With more EVs on the road, more electric vehicle charging stations will be needed — especially at office buildings and corporate campuses with parking lots and garages. Workplaces are optimal locations for EV chargers since most employees stay parked for the entire day, providing ample opportunity to replenish their cars before their commute home.

At the start of 2021, there were fewer than 10,000 workplace EV chargers in the United States. To keep employees who drive EVs happy — and entice top candidates to join their ranks — corporate decision makers must invest in bringing EV charging to their properties. If you’re on the fence, read below to learn about just a few of the financial and sustainability benefits of investing in onsite EV charging.

1. Save on Energy and Infrastructure Costs With Adaptive Load-Managed Charging

There are several kinds of EV charging systems, some more suited to workplace charging than others. Traditional setups, also called “unmanaged” networks, often require extensive electrical upgrades. An adaptively load-managed EV charging system is a more intelligent alternative that reduces installation costs and monthly power bills using software. Take PowerFlex’s Adaptive Load Management® (ALM) — it leverages patented algorithms to optimize charging demand, helping businesses avoid additional fees from the utility during peak electricity usage. ALM also saves customers up to 60% on implementation costs by eliminating the need for outsized electrical systems.

2. Improve Productivity by Increasing Charger Availability

If a workplace doesn’t have enough chargers to go around, employees must stop what they’re doing throughout the day to vie for EV spots, distracting them from their work. Though you can solve this problem by adding more charging stations, expensive infrastructure upgrades may be required. But with Adaptive Load Management® to optimize charging, you can install four times the number of chargers with your existing infrastructure, meaning EV drivers won’t have to jockey to find a space. What’s more, drivers can easily manage their charging session on their mobile device through the PowerFlex App.

3. Support Sustainability and Grid Resiliency With Daytime Charging

Providing workplace EV charging solutions to employees demonstrates your commitment to sustainability by reducing carbon emissions. And, as an additional benefit, encouraging charging throughout the day also helps protect the electrical grid. As EV adoption grows, large-scale nighttime charging will add pressure to an already strained grid. Switching charging to the daytime relieves this stress, as renewables such as solar can supplement the power supply. You can take your ESG initiatives a step further with a behind-the-meter solar photovoltaic (PV) system. Onsite solar generation from rooftop, ground-mounted, or solar parking canopy installations lets you power an EV charging network with reduced reliance on the grid.

4. Enable Fleet Electrification and Cut Scope 1 Emissions

For organizations with vehicle fleets, making the switch to EVs is a decision that supports environmental responsibility by reducing Scope 1 emissions, specifically the harmful greenhouse gasses produced by internal combustion engines. Unsure how many charging stations and types you need to support your fleet? Designing a network that fits your fleet model begins with closely examining your vehicles, scheduling, and more. Many fleet charging options can be tailored to your business to help make a smooth transition to electric.

5. Attract and Retain Eco-Conscious Employees

Environmental initiatives go a long way toward earning employee loyalty. According to a report by Deloitte, climate change and protecting the environment is one of the top concerns for millennials. An eye-opening 44% would consider changing jobs to work for a business with values similar to their own. Providing workplace EV charging, shows that you value sustainability, encourages eco-conscious employees to stay working at your company, and aids in recruiting new talent.

PowerFlex Makes Workplace Charging Easy to Implement and Manage

Drawing on decades of experience, PowerFlex has helped workplaces like Adobe, Intuit, SAP, and others implement large-scale EV charging projects. Our Level 2 chargers equipped with Adaptive Load Management® ensures your employees get the energy they need by the time they leave, while energy managing costs. And for drivers who need a quicker charge, DC Fast Chargers are also available. 

When you work with PowerFlex, you can lean on a single company to handle all aspects of your EV charging project, including permitting, design, and installation, plus monitoring and data reporting through our adaptive intelligent energy management platform, PowerFlex X™. But that’s not all. You can integrate your EV chargers into a co-optimized clean energy system that combines solar and energy storage to generate and utilize zero-emissions electricity on your property.

Want to learn more? Check out our workplace solutions page to dig deeper into how PowerFlex helps keep operating costs down, improve sustainability, and win the approval of eco-conscious stakeholders.