Carl Moczydlowsky

Vice President of Digital Products

Carl Moczydlowsky is the Vice President of Digital Products. He leads the software engineering and product management groups for PowerFlex. As a life-long devotee to addressing climate change issues, Carl is a true-believer in the renewable energy markets and technologies space. Carl started his journey to climate tech at the University of Colorado at Boulder through the application of Geographic Information Systems to the design and optimization of utility-scale wind power plants. A multi-decade veteran of the renewables business, Carl has contributed to the construction of over 2 gigawatts of wind and solar power generation facilities. Combining the renewables domain with his passion for technology, Carl helped lead the development of a global renewables operational data lake for EDF Renewables in Paris. Transitioning to distribution and onsite energy management systems has proven to be Carl’s most compelling challenge to date.

Prior to joining EDF and ultimately PowerFlex, Carl worked for HDR, a multinational architectural and engineering consultancy. He is also the founder of a successful start-up as well as the veteran and investor in multiple other start-ups with successful edits. Outside of the office Carl is restoring and converting a classic pickup to electric. Whenever possible, he can usually be found wherever he can get a starlink satellite connection in front of a surf spot.

Topics of Interest

  • Smart energy management software
  • Digital platform integrations (e.g. telematics)
  • Co-optimizing multiple clean technologies onsite

Revolutionizing Energy Management

With more than two decades in the clean energy industry, Carl has acquired a deep understanding of the past evolution and future trajectory of renewables and vehicle electrification. He works on the cutting edge of innovation for energy management to ensure optimized operations of clean technology. 

He can speak to highly-technical audiences about software and digital platform integrations, but can also break down those same complex concepts for audiences less familiar with the technology.

“Intelligent digital solutions are the key in making clean technology scalable and user-friendly. Smart software optimizes energy use for increased financial savings at the customer level and sustainable growth big picture.” - Carl Moczydlowsky, Vice President of Digital Products
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About PowerFlex

PowerFlex, an EDF Renewables affiliate, is a clean technology solutions company making the transformation to carbon-free electrification and transportation possible.

Our onsite intelligent energy management platform, PowerFlex X, monitors, controls, and optimizes onsite clean energy assets — solar, storage, EV chargers, and microgrids — and reduces overall energy costs through adaptive algorithms that maximize distributed energy resources.

PowerFlex is the second-largest installer of commercial rooftop solar and the fourth-largest network of Level 2 EV chargers in the U.S. Our solar and storage projects offset 70,000 tons of CO2 each year, while our 10,000+ EV chargers were responsible for offsetting 13,000 tons of CO2 in 2022.