FARREL POMINI Goes Solar in Ansonia, Connecticut

FARREL POMINI, a global manufacturer of equipment for the plastic industry, and PowerFlex have completed a 390 kW rooftop solar system at the Farrel Corporation headquarters in Ansonia, CT. The system will produce an estimated 475,506 kWh of electricity a year to offset  63% of the facility’s annual electricity usage. The clean energy produced by the system is equivalent to saving more than 23,700 gallons of gasoline a year.“This is a very forward-looking solution to the energy problems manufacturers face in Connecticut and across the country. This creative, cost-saving measure comes as no surprise to Ansonia. This is how FARREL POMINI operates. We thank them for making sound decisions while being respectful of the effect those decisions may have on their community,” said Ansonia Mayor David Cassetti.Read the full press release here. We’re excited to share some of the press we’ve received for the project:

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