Community Solar in New York State


There are still ways to reap the rewards of solar energy even if your company cannot accommodate a solar system on site. One way is through participating in a community solar project, an option that has gained traction, particularly in New York State.

What Is Community Solar?

Community distributed generation (CDG), allows companies to experience the benefits of solar energy without needing to install a solar system on their property. Instead, a solar system is installed on a host property, and the energy savings are enjoyed by all those who choose to participate in the project within the same utility territory. There are multiple options for participating in community solar, including:

  • Signing on as a subscriber and benefitting from an agreed-upon percentage of the system’s monetary benefits
  • Participating as a corporate sponsor, and offering the energy savings to employees
  • Owning the entirety or part of the community system as an investor (and enjoying the available tax credits)
  • Doing all of the above

The many community solar projects that PowerFlex has installed across New York State are great examples of the concept in action.

Halfmoon Community Solar Project

The very first shared solar project in the state, the 2.4 MW solar system in Halfmoon, NY can provide power for 100 homes in the NYSEG Utility Area. It’s also a prime example of “solar grazing,” as the flocks of sheep that graze there help keep the grass around the system trimmed. Beyond making for a neat appearance, the grazing sheep help ensure the solar site is free of weeds and overgrowth is key for avoiding shading of the panels.

Daroga Power Community Solar Project

A little way south of Halfmoon in Brooklyn, PowerFlex partnered with Daroga Power to complete a 1.2 MW system. The system spans the rooftops of two industrial buildings in the neighborhood of East New York and is capable of providing solar energy to thousands of city residents and businesses. It’s also New York City’s largest community solar project, boasting more than 3,000 panels.

Continental Building Products Community Project

Back up the Hudson River in Buchanan, New York lies one of the largest community solar installations in the entire state: a 2.4 MW system built by PowerFlex and Continental Building Products. Completed in 2019, the system sits atop the company’s manufacturing facility and provides solar power to residents in Westchester Country who choose to opt-in.From development to execution and asset management, PowerFlex has been spearheading all aspects of solar projects for clients for over 10 years — helping companies lower energy costs, increase property value, and meet sustainability goals. Contact us today for a free solar assessment.