Community Solar: Expanding the Reach of Renewable Energy


Community Solar creates renewable energy opportunities for all types of utility customers (commercial, residential, etc.) by allowing them to take advantage of solar energy produced offsite from their location. PowerFlex understands the importance of these innovative solar projects and has been leading the charge on developing Community Solar. For example, we recently had a groundbreaking for New York State’s first shared renewable solar project in Halfmoon, NY.  This system will allow more than 100 residential customers to access clean affordable solar power.As “Community Solar” starts to become a commonplace energy alternative, we would like to answer a few frequently asked questions on this concept:

What is Community Solar?

Community Solar is a shared renewable system in which a neighborhood or community has access to a solar power source. For example, The Halfmoon community solar site was developed by PowerFlex, funded by NYSERDA and Governor Andrew Cuomo, and is being offered to the local community in upstate New York by our partners, Clean Energy Collective.

How can Community Solar benefit businesses or individuals who own land or large commercial facilities?

Community solar provides a unique opportunity for owners of land or underutilized roofs to monetize these assets while allowing their communities to take advantage of locally-produced solar energy. They can generate revenue by hosting community solar arrays on their properties. In some cases, the landowner might also be able to participate as an investor in the project and take advantage of the various attractive incentives and tax credits that are available for solar projects.

How can Community Solar benefit energy users?

Community Solar does not involve onsite systems for energy users, allowing businesses that lease facilities, or with buildings that are poor physical candidates for solar, to use solar energy.Community Solar breaks the perception that solar power is an expensive and unattainable resource. Low-income residents and Non-profit organizations, who may not have adequate finances for an onsite system, can partake in community solar. Community Solar offers these residents and organizations a clean, renewable energy option.Communities can also boast sustainability and job-creation as major benefits, along with the savings on electricity bills.

How can I learn more about Community Solar?

PowerFlex is actively engaging with land and business owners for community solar projects. We have a team of dedicated Community Solar specialists who are experts in the dynamic policy landscape. If you have access to land or roof space that might be suitable for solar or would like to know more about Community Solar, please email us at or call us at 888-225-0270.