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PowerFlex is helping businesses take advantage of their energy supply through a unique load-management technology that can be leveraged when deploying renewable energy infrastructure for solar, battery storage and electric vehicle charging.

The company was founded in 2017 by a group of researchers from Caltech who developed PowerFlex’s patented technology with the aim to develop, deploy and manage industry-leading, large-scale EV charging systems based on advanced algorithmic research.  In September of 2019, EDF Renewables North America acquired PowerFlex Systems. Integrating the PowerFlex technology alongside the company’s existing solar, storage, and energy management offering, we are able  provide building owners and facility managers with a single energy ecosystem where all assets work in concert to bring clean, reliable, and affordable carbon-free power when and where it is needed.

Today, PowerFlex has installed nearly 5,000 electric vehicle charging stations, 350+ MW of solar and 40+ MWh of storage.  Offering standalone or bundled systems with a microgrid option, from a single point of contact, PowerFlex designs and manages everything you need to convert your business into a clean-energy facility.  From system design and engineering, to project financing and post-installation operations & maintenance services, we make renewable energy systems easy from start to finish.

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