Clean and affordable energy, right where you need it

An onsite solar system is just as good for business as it is for the environment. Market data suggests that the average commercial property owner in the U.S. can slash overall energy costs by 75% by going solar. That’s because producing your own electricity through solar at your facility means you’ll greatly reduce your utility power consumption and the costly peak demand-based charges that come with it.

And since a solar energy system is physically located at the point of use, it doesn’t rely on the massive system of utility transmission and distribution lines that are increasingly vulnerable to extreme weather, accidents, and other threats.

Other advantages of going solar include:

Attractive ROI
With rapid payback, strong internal rates of return, and a predictable revenue stream, solar projects can deliver outstanding long-term investment returns for organizations.

Eliminate Energy Cost Volatility
By generating your own clean electricity on site, you can eliminate your company’s exposure to unpredictable utility prices and make energy a fixed cost.

Benefit From Government Incentives
Federal, state, and local governments frequently offer attractive rebates and incentives to encourage organizations to invest in solar.

Marketing and Public Relations Benefits
Solar positions you as a steward of sustainability, and serves as a visible reminder of your commitment to the environment to customers, employees, vendors, and shareholders.

Portfolio Approach and Maximizing Project-Level Economics
For organizations with diverse real estate holdings, going solar at multiple locations can unlock dollar efficiencies, making project economics even more favorable.

Together with PowerFlex’s flexible financing options, the ever-declining cost of solar panels, and a slew of attractive incentives, going solar has never been more attainable. PowerFlex offers solar as a standalone technology, coupled with battery storage and EV charging, and even as a fully integrated, energy-resilient microgrid solution.