Where Hardware and Software Meet to Orchestrate Onsite Energy Technologies

PowerFlex Nexus™ is the physical bridge between your Distributed Energy Resources and PowerFlex’s powerful algorithms that maximize the effectiveness of solar, storage, EV charging, and microgrid infrastructure. Discreetly installed at your facility in a low-profile enclosure, PowerFlex Nexus constantly works in the background to co-optimize energy assets as well as send performance data back to the cloud — giving you real-time, on-demand access to system metrics and analytics.

One system, multiple features, total control

PowerFlex Nexus centralizes all information about your onsite energy generation, storage, and loads. Its powerful yet flexible computational hardware scales with your evolving energy needs.

Typically located in a facility’s electrical room, the PowerFlex Nexus Box houses the components necessary to reliably communicate with and manage your renewable assets:

  • Industrial Computing: PowerFlex Nexus is powerful enough to optimize all combinations of Distributed Energy Resources (DERs). It maximizes reliability and minimizes maintenance through its ability to perform over-the-air updates.
  • Standalone Connectivity: Cybersecure and cellular-enabled, PowerFlex Nexus operates independently by creating its own Wi-Fi network — but it can also leverage existing onsite internet services. PowerFlex Nexus continues to manage your assets even if communications should go down.
  • Scalable Communications: PowerFlex Nexus is equipped with both standard serial and ethernet hardware, allowing it to interface with most industry-standard DER protocols. Completely scalable, the system easily expands along with your energy assets.
  • Energy Metering: A revenue-grade onboard energy meter monitors energy assets and facility loads. It transmits the data via the cloud to PowerFlex’s client portal, PowerFlex Axcess, where customers can view real-time and historical system performance.
  • Flexible Installation: The durable PowerFlex Nexus enclosure can be installed in a variety of environments, from the relative comfort of an electrical room to challenging outdoor spaces near solar, storage, and EV hardware.

Want to learn more? Download our PowerFlex Nexus one pager by clicking here.