The Intelligent System That Controls and Optimizes All Your Onsite Energy Assets

The PowerFlex Cortex™ energy management system intelligently controls and monitors onsite clean energy technologies to ensure optimal operation. Using patented PowerFlex algorithms, PowerFlex Cortex continually learns from real-time conditions to make performance predictions and orchestrate onsite assets to maximize energy efficiency and financial savings.

Get the most out of solar, storage, and EV charging — while spending less

PowerFlex Cortex takes an automated and holistic approach to energy management, jointly optimizing onsite assets and site load to reduce utility bills and eliminate the need for substantial electricity system upgrades.

  • Controls All Distributed Energy Resources: Whether solar, storage, EV charging, or combinations of the three, PowerFlex Cortex integrates your assets with your facility to form a single, efficient system.
  • Enables Multiple Cost-Saving Tactics: Choose any strategy — such as reducing energy costs, shaving peak demand charges, or setting power limits — and PowerFlex Cortex does the rest while constantly updating its algorithms to take advantage of new market-specific programs.
  • Leverages Hybrid Cloud/Edge Architecture: PowerFlex Cortex combines the computing power and connectivity of the cloud with the reliability of an onsite controller to maintain dependable, continuous control.
  • Incorporates Adaptive Load Management® (ALM): With ALM, more electric vehicle chargers can be installed on a property without costly infrastructure upgrades or power spikes.
  • Supports Greenhouse Gas Reduction: EV and battery charging sessions can be scheduled to leverage onsite solar-generated energy and avoid periods of high grid emissions.
  • Enables Seamless Reporting: Data is fed into the PowerFlex Axcess™ client portal where customers can view all energy asset performance in real-time as well as download historical metrics.

Want to learn more? Download our PowerFlex Cortex one pager by clicking here.