The Single-Sign-In Onsite Clean Energy Management Platform

The comprehensive PowerFlex Axcess™ platform provides powerful real-time insights for the full portfolio of Distributed Energy Resources, including Solar, Storage, EV Charging, and Facility Energy Consumption. PowerFlex Axcess is a single sign-in for monitoring, troubleshooting, reporting, and administration for all of your onsite energy technologies, supporting you in lowering costs, increasing resilience, and improving sustainability.

The PowerFlex Difference

PowerFlex’s leading energy management software platform seamlessly integrates your onsite energy technologies, optimizing energy consumption and renewable generation to maximize savings and sustainability. PowerFlex’s patented Adaptive Load Management® (ALM) technology shifts electrical load from peak times, when energy costs are highest, and ensures a balanced power draw throughout the day. ALM works in concert with PowerFlex’s own Energy Management System (EMS) to co-optimize EV charging, energy storage, and solar generation to provide increased cost savings. The intuitive PowerFlex Axcess portal is uniquely built to support this product harmony.

PowerFlex’s Adaptive Load Management® controls individual charging stations on a second-by-second basis, optimizing the network of stations in aggregate—lowering power demands, reducing upfront infrastructure costs by as much as 60%, and allowing clients to install up to 6 times the number of EV charging ports. With solar and energy storage, ALM enables you to lower operational costs and demand charges by powering facility loads with stored or solar energy when utility prices are at a premium. In summary, our solutions help you avoid traditional energy expenses by providing flexibility in adapting to your future energy needs.

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