PowerFlex X

PowerFlex X™ is our line of proprietary software and hardware that provides real-time insights and intelligent control for all your Distributed Energy Resources.

Single sign-in digital portal allowing you to view and manage your full portfolio of clean energy assets, including solar, storage, EV charging, and more

Intelligent system that monitors, controls, and co-optimizes performance of onsite energy assets with patented algorithms - continually learning from real-time conditions

Cutting-edge computational hardware controller that connects onsite data to the PowerFlex X platform, centralizing all information and enabling behind-the-meter control

Valuation and forecasting tool that uses automated algorithms to model the impact of your onsite assets on your utility bills and GHG emissions reductions

What makes PowerFlex X™ so special?

  • Unprecedented Transparency: PowerFlex X provides a clear and always-accessible window into how your clean energy portfolio is performing both operationally and financially
  • Seamless Integration: Our products bring together multiple onsite energy assets — including solar, storage, and EV charging — into a continuously-monitored, intelligently controlled, and ever-optimized system
  • Whole-Picture Analysis: PowerFlex X allows you to see your onsite assets alongside facility energy consumption and utility draw, giving you a holistic view of your energy profile
  • Unparalleled Reporting: Leveraging both real-time and historical data, PowerFlex X delivers robust information critical to internal and external reporting

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