Texas Rebates, Incentives & Tax Credits (EV charging, solar & energy)

Learn about the current programs and incentives in the Lone Star State to support your cleantech initiatives

Texas tops the leaderboard as the state with the most renewable energy generation in the U.S. The bulk of that production is from wind energy, but the state has a lot of untapped solar and storage potential ready for development. The Texas Department of Transportation has also released an Electric Vehicle (EV) Infrastructure Plan that outlines a strategy for deploying charging stations throughout the state to support the rapid adoption of EVs. Numerous state and federal incentives are available in Texas for businesses looking to increase their sustainability and energy resiliency through solar, storage, and EV charging.


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Texas Incentives, Rebates, and Programs

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Key State Organizations

Understand the major players who create and influence climate action policies in Texas.

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Public Utility Commission


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