EDF Renewables

EDF Solar, EDF EV ChargingA leader in renewable energy

PowerFlex is a subsidiary of EDF Renewables North America, a market-leading independent power producer and service provider with more than three decades of expertise in renewable energy. With a robust portfolio consisting of 20 GW of developed projects and 13 GW under service contracts, the company delivers grid-scale power, distributed solutions, and asset optimization that allows entities to leverage the full financial and environmental benefits of solar, wind, storage, and more. EDF Renewables North America is a part of EDF Renewables, the dedicated renewable energy affiliate of the EDF Group. Visit edf-re.com to learn more.

An integrated suite of onsite solutions

Drawing from the grid-scale success of EDF Renewables North America, as well as tapping into the behind-the-meter solar experience of EnterSolar, which folded into the PowerFlex brand in 2021, PowerFlex is able to provide a full-service, single resource for entities that are looking for a seamless and profitable transition to onsite renewable energy. Whether through photovoltaic solar systems, battery storage, EV charging, microgrids, or a combination of these technologies perfectly choreographed and optimized via next-generation energy management, PowerFlex is a one-stop-shop in the often overwhelming renewable energy marketplace.