Solar Ready Buildings Part 2: How does PowerFlex help prepare your site for solar?


In Solar Ready Buildings Part 1, we discussed how to plan new constructions with solar integration in mind. Solar can be added to existing buildings with the necessary attributes. In Part 2, we will explain how to make a building physically ready for a solar installation.

Structural Preparation

PowerFlex conducts a structural engineering assessment before all construction. During the structural review process, a licensed structural engineer will confirm that the system is designed to adhere to the International Building Code (IBC), the National Electrical Code (NFPA 70), and the American Society of Civil Engineers Code (ASCE 7), as well as any requirements from the Authority Having Jurisdiction over the site. Some of our clients also require their solar installations to follow FM Global datasheets. We are happy to comply (these requirements typically have cost implications and should be flagged early, if possible).

Roof Preparation

PowerFlex will examine existing roof documentation or coordinate a roof inspection to determine if your building’s rooftop is in a condition to support a solar system. Even if the roof is damaged or cannot support solar in its current state, we can recommend and oversee coating the roof with an additional protective layer, re-roofing the areas to be covered by solar, or applying additional roof protective materials during installation for a low cost.

Electrical Preparation

PowerFlex can determine if your building’s electrical infrastructure is viable for a solar installation by either reviewing your existing electrical diagrams or examining the electrical infrastructure during a site visit. If utility upgrades are needed, PowerFlex will determine the appropriate equipment, associated costs, and handle permitting with your utility as part of our turnkey solar solution.To connect to the existing electrical equipment, we run conductors and conduit from the main distribution panel to the roof or to the carport or ground area, minimizing the impact on operations and avoiding the need for electrical shutdowns and indoor work.

Loading Space

PowerFlex minimizes the ground footprint needed to load materials onto the roof, and we will work with you to guarantee our onsite work is unnoticed and unobtrusive to facility operations. Typically needs a minimal staging area for 2-5 days before all materials are loaded on the roof, keeping things out of sight and out of mind. PowerFlex understands the importance of your ongoing operations and will coordinate closely with your facility to determine the least impactful time to stage and load equipment.From development to execution and asset management, PowerFlex has been providing reliable solar solutions to clients across the U.S. With more than a decade of industry experience, our finance and engineering teams work closely with the clients to maximize the project benefits. To learn more and receive a free solar assessment, contact us today.