Solar For Business: Logistics


While solar energy can benefit companies across many industries, some types of operations are especially well-suited to going solar. Logistics and distribution companies can recognize significant returns from solar installations, and many logistics companies have large commercial facilities that offer an ideal site for photovoltaic solar systems.

Logistics & Distribution Overview

Logistics companies are responsible for moving and storing goods within an entire supply chain (origin to consumption) or part of that chain. The goods that logistics companies handle can include physical items, services or even information. There are three major fields within the logistics industry: procurement (sourcing and potentially storing the supplies), distribution (moving goods from one point to another) and disposal.

Logistics + Solar

Why are logistics companies good candidates for solar installations? One primary reason is that they often have large warehouse facilities for storage and distribution, and those buildings can be perfect for rooftop solar systems. Rooftop space is generally underutilized, so installing solar panels on a roof makes use of otherwise wasted space.Logistics facilities are often energy-intensive buildings. Many operate 24/7 and include freezer space, refrigerated storage and heavy machinery. Solar energy can help offset a significant portion of their energy usage and help companies advance toward greater sustainability.Going solar can also bring significant financial benefits for logistics companies. In many states, tax breaks and other incentives make the cost of solar very attractive to businesses, and with rising energy costs, an onsite solar system can help a company save money and secure predictable energy expenses. Companies who do not want to invest in solar themselves can lease out their roof space for a solar installation, adding an extra income stream.

PowerFlex Logistics Highlights

Preferred Freezer Services is one of the nation's largest providers of cold storage space. The company partnered with PowerFlex to add rooftop solar installations to several facilities across California, Massachusetts and New Jersey. These installations together produce 10,000,000 kWh of energy per year, the equivalent of saving 735,723 gallons of gasoline.Kings Food Service is a Long Island-based distributor of quality food products. They installed a rooftop solar system at their distribution center, which uses a considerable amount of energy as it runs 24 hours a day. The 771-kW installation offsets nearly a third of the facility's energy usage.Bozzuto's Inc. distributes food and household products nationwide. They utilized their rooftop space at their Cheshire, CT, facility to install a solar photovoltaic system that produces energy equal to taking 227 cars off the road annually. Their installation was completed without any attachments at the client’s request.Clancy Relocation and Logistics is a CT-based logistics company. In addition to product logistics, they offer moving services for residential and commercial customers as well as services like moving computer servers and installing furniture. The company worked with PowerFlex to install a 470-kW system at their large facility in Newtown, CT.

PowerFlex: The Right Solar Partner for Logistics

For more than 10 years, PowerFlex has provided turnkey solar and energy storage solutions to clients such as Amazon, Target, and Bloomberg that help lower energy costs, increase property value and meet sustainability goals. We manage all aspects of the solar project, from development to execution and asset management, and work with real estate owners and tenants to make the process as simple and seamless as possible. Contact us today for a free solar assessment.