Solar Basics: What are Bifacial Modules?


Traditional solar systems consist of solar panels that are capable of capturing sunlight from one side of the panel and converting it into energy. Bifacial panels allow solar energy to be harvested from both sides of the panel to increase productivity without requiring additional space. Let's take a look at bifacial modules, how they work and the ideal situations to implement this innovative technology.

How Do They Work?

Bifacial modules are solar panels capable of absorbing sunlight from both sides of the panel. Instead of having a backsheet, these modules include productive solar cells on the reverse side as well. While the side of the panel facing the sun more directly will continue to generate the majority of the system’s energy, the reverse side of the panel can be quite effective when installed correctly. Some manufacturers claim up to a 30% increase in productivity (Solar Power World). The back side of the solar panel works by absorbing the sunlight reflected off the ground or roof and converting it into energy.

When Does it Make Sense to Use Bifacial Modules?

The maximum benefits of bifacial modules are realized when they are installed over highly reflective surfaces so that the underside of the panel can absorb the most sunlight. It is advantageous to mount panels at a tilt to allow sunlight to hit both sides of the surface. If your only choice is to mount modules on a flat, non-reflective surface, then traditional panels still make the most economic sense. In most cases, bifacial modules are installed with ground mounts for maximum efficiency. However, if a roof-mount installation better fits your situation, then roof installation can be arranged.

The Leaders in Solar Technology

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