PowerFlex Clients Among Fortune 500 Companies Prioritizing Clean Energy Policies


In a recent statement, the Renewable Energy Buyers Alliance (REBA) called on U.S. lawmakers to support legislation that expands access to clean energy. Some of PowerFlex’s biggest clients, including Amazon, PepsiCo, Target, and Nestlé, are among the signatories.

As Greentech Media reports, REBA’s statement champions a three-pronged approach: expanding and decarbonizing wholesale energy markets, “greening up” the grid through a set of standardized national policies that favor the integration and procurement of renewables and encouraging more public-private sector cooperation in the development and application of clean energy technologies. REBA’s full statement is available for download here.

Many heavy hitters, including Google, Facebook, and other REBA members, have set ambitious internal targets to reduce their carbon footprints, and having easier and more affordable access to grid-provided renewable energy helps them meet these goals.

While the newly-minted Biden administration envisions a carbon-zero electricity sector by 2035, REBA CEO Miranda Ballentine told Greentech Media she sees the members’ recommendations as a way to “leverage their buying power to get there as quickly as possible.”

One way REBA members are already making strides in reducing their carbon footprints is by partnering with PowerFlex to install onsite solar photovoltaic (PV) systems, which reduce their reliance on electricity from utilities. PowerFlex has implemented PV systems at multiple Target retail stores, large distribution centers for Amazon and others, and at PepsiCo’s corporate headquarters — allowing these corporations to generate clean solar energy on-site and advance towards meeting their aggressive sustainability goals.

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