NYSERDA’s PON 2860 Brings Great Incentive Opportunities to New York’s Downstate Region


The New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA) recently announced a new major solar incentive program to promote the development of solar projects in the downstate NY region.

The Program Opportunity Notice (PON) 2860 Program is part of the “NY-Sun” Initiative and is only open to projects in New York Independent System Operator (NYISO) load zones G&H and I&J, which includes NYC, Westchester, and surrounding counties. NYSERDA is offering a total of $30 million in available funding to eligible solar projects larger than 200 kilowatts, and award winners will be selected based on self-selected competitive incentive bids.For business owners in NYC, Westchester, and the Hudson Valley, this program provides a compelling economic rationale to explore the feasibility of solar power. As a NYC-based company, PowerFlex has been actively involved in the NY-Sun Initiative and its predecessor programs from their inception.The deadline to apply for PON 2860 incentives is December 30, 2013. Please contact the PowerFlex team to request a free solar assessment and learn how your business can benefit from this program’s lucrative incentives.