New York Solar Summit 2016: Introducing the New York Solar Map


The 10th annual New York Solar Summit, hosted by Sustainable CUNY, was held on June 20th (which coincidentally was also EnterSolstice, the first day of summer). PowerFlex is proud to have sponsored and presented at this event, which drives the support of solar energy policy in New York State.The summit included many informative sessions on all aspects of the solar industry, from conversations with policy and utility leaders, and presentations such as “Building New York’s Solar Empire.” Additionally, PowerFlex presented its details on our community solar project in Halfmoon, NY. The solar summit also featured the introduction of the “New York Solar Map.”The New York Solar Map was developed by Sustainable CUNY, with the help of solar experts and GIS specialists, to allow New Yorkers “to realize their solar potential through detailed technical and economic calculations.” Within the online platform, individuals or businesses can explore their specific solar potential by searching for their respective addresses and calculating the amount of geographic space on the property. After this step is complete, users can enter a few simple data points to get an abbreviated financial model that demonstrates how much they can save by going solar.The website provides basic yet insightful educational information on all things solar, from applications to zoning, and everything in between. Overall, the solar map is a very useful, innovative, and user-friendly tool that should allow more New York businesses and residents to become knowledgeable on going solar and why it can be such a great decision.Energy experts, local government officials, and CUNY employees discussed the map’s importance. Notably, NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio exclaimed that “The NY Solar Map will help ensure New Yorkers have the information they need to make the switch to clean energy.” At PowerFlex, we hope the map will help expand the understanding of New York State’s solar potential for businesses that have not yet gone solar. To learn more about how we can help your business go solar, contact us at 888-225-0270 or