Meet the Team: Mariah Cummings


At PowerFlex, we’re proud of our talented team of passionate solar professionals. In this edition of Meet the Team, we’re highlighting Mariah Cummings, our Director of Human Resources, who has been integral in building our team and fostering our uniquely-welcoming work culture. Her main responsibilities include managing employee recruitment, onboarding, training, and professional development. Mariah is a certified member of The Society for Human Resource Management and graduated with a BA in Communications from the University of New Hampshire.

  • How would you define your role as the Director of Human Resources at PowerFlex?My role as Director of Human Resources is to help oversee functions of the business as it relates to internal policy, benefits, recruitment, training, on-boarding and employee relations.
  • How did you first become involved in the solar industry and why?After having lived for some time on the west coast, where the solar impact is at the forefront of individual lifestyle and business mentality, I sought out an organization that was proactively making a difference in our environment.
  • What drew you to work at PowerFlex?I felt drawn to the people who work here and the mission of the company itself. In my initial conversations with PowerFlex’s team members, it became abundantly clear to me how passionate, hard-working and collaborative the company was (and still is!). They were authentically excited about their work and the impact the company had on the world around them. The team members were committed to building each other up and learning from one another. Additionally, working within an organization that contributes to a healthier environment for us all was a large factor that drew me to PowerFlex.
  • What are some of the most important company values at PowerFlex?I am a proponent of all our company values at PowerFlex. Integrity: Maintaining business ethics, both with peers and within our external partnerships. Respect: Encouraging individuality, providing support and upholding a courteous mentality. Collaboration: Being a team-player and teaching what you know so that all have the opportunity to learn. Diligence: Demonstrating expertise, professionalism, and persistence in our work.
  • What are some aspects of the company culture that you are most proud of?This is difficult to narrow down because there are so many aspects of the culture that I find wonderful! However, I’m especially proud of how the team has worked towards building a culture of inclusivity and continual learning. Since I joined PowerFlex in April of 2018, we’ve increased our team (PowerFlex and MaxSolar) by 52 individuals, including full-time hires and interns. I've witnessed our teams dedicate themselves to prioritizing training, team lunches, spending time as a 'buddy' or a mentor and simply just taking an extra step in welcoming new individuals onto our team. In addition, the environment here is very learning-forward. Our leadership team has consistently emphasized the importance of sharing information and being in-tune cross-departmentally. We conduct semi-monthly 'Lunch & Learns' that cover a wide range of topics, typically requested by our team members, and encourage employees to attend conferences and work towards relevant certifications.
  • What motivates you in your career?I love working in an industry that cares about the future of our environment and is taking proactive steps to make a positive impact. The solar industry is filled with profoundly passionate individuals and that, in itself, is motivating! I want to ensure that these professionals have the resources and building blocks to be successful in their work environment.
  • What advice do you have for people looking to work in human resources for renewable energy companies?Take the leap! As I've mentioned above, the industry attracts passionate individuals who, in my experience, are very willing to share their knowledge and help one another.
  • What is one of your favorite inspirational quotes?There is a quote by Helen Keller that really stands out to me which says, “Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much." I try to carry that with me into my day-to-day mentality as a Human Resources professional.

At PowerFlex, we value integrity, hard work and collaboration. Our teams work together to provide customized, turnkey solar solutions to our commercial clients. If you’re interested in going solar or joining our team, contact us today? To see our open positions, visit our Careers page.

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