Learn How to Increase Resiliency and Reduce Energy Costs the Green Way With Microgrids


As costly power outages increase due to extreme weather conditions, commercial enterprises need emergency energy solutions that are more resilient, efficient, and sustainable than traditional backup systems. Microgrids offer all these benefits and more, which we unpack in PowerFlex’s latest e-book.

Whereas most traditional backup systems utilize only a diesel generator, a PowerFlex microgrid adds solar generation and energy storage to sustain critical facility operations during a blackout. Instead of replacing the generator, these renewable assets work in tandem with it to reduce its runtime, increase its energy efficiency, and reduce fuel consumption and greenhouse gas emissions.  

In addition to supporting a facility during blackouts with clean energy, solar and storage assets work all year round to reduce operating costs by offsetting your utility usage.

To learn more about how microgrids work, as well as how we’ve implemented them for a number of high-need clients, download our free e-book here.