5 Tips to Save Energy this Winter


Winter is coming on December 21st!

'Tis the Season of giving and PowerFlex presents you with

5 Energy Saving Tips:

1. Use LED lighting to illuminate your workplace.

By switching to LED bulbs, which last 25 times longer than incandescent ones, you can reduce your company's lighting electricity costs by 80% annually. Even holiday lights can be LEDs!

2. Turn off electronics at the end of the workday.

Before closing down for the day, make sure computers, lights, and other electronics have been turned off. Setting programmable timers can help you automate the process.

3. Utilize your workplace window shades.

Open your window shades during the day to let in the warm sunlight and draw them closed at night to minimize the draft. Save on your heating bill with this simple step.

4. Reduce the temperature in your facility before leaving.

According to the Department of Energy, companies can save 5-15% annually on their heating bill by lowering the thermostat 10-15°F when space isn't being used.

5. Go Solar.

While the steps above will improve your facility's energy efficiency, installing on-site solar energy is the best way to offset the rest of your electricity usage.

Learn more about how your company can save with solar by contacting us.

Happy Holidays!