Jun 08 2021
by By Michael Robinson is Associate Director, Microgrids at PowerFlex
In recent years, extreme weather events have resulted in power outages of increasing frequency, power, and duration across the country, driving up the cost of electricity and demonstrating the fragility of the utility grid. This situation is perhaps felt most acutely in California, where heatwaves, aging infrastructure, and an increasing number of severe wildfires have […]
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May 11 2021
Is your smart charger smart enough?
by Urvi Nagrani, Fleet Development Manager, PowerFlex
If you’re involved with managing a commercial fleet of electric vehicles, you’ve probably heard about smart charging. But did you know when and how you charge your vehicles makes a big difference in whether shifting to EVs ends up actually saving you money? The reduced maintenance and operating costs, and increased reliability of EVs offer […]
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Apr 19 2021
Adaptive Load Management makes charging electric vehicles (EVs) even easier.
by Zachary Lee, Technical Lead for Fleet Charging Solutions at PowerFlex
The EV market is rapidly evolving, and along with it, customer behaviors and charging habits.  There are 3 models of EV Chargers: home based, DC fast charging, and distributed. At-home charging remains the most common model today, however more and more people are living in apartment buildings or homes without off-street parking with a need […]
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