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Battery storage systems hedge against rising costs as much as 5-10% annually.  PowerFlex strives to bring our customers solutions that fit their specific requirements. Storage may be the right solution for your business as a standalone system or bundled with a solar package. In addition to lowering operational energy costs, storage can help control and forecast long-term energy budgets and increase energy reliability. There are several options when it comes to adding storage, each solution comes with a different set of factors. We can help you navigate these options and find the best solution for your business and bottom line.

The three key benefits our customers can expect when we combine solar PV and battery storage systems include:

Time of use (“TOU”) arbitrage

TOU arbitrage is the utilization of “free electricity” stored within a battery when utility TOU rates are at their highest in order to maximize financial savings.

Peak shaving

Cost savings can also be achieved when end users utilize a paired solar and storage system to exercise peak shaving. Peak shaving is accomplished by supplementing the power from the utility with solar power stored within a battery when the onsite energy demand is at its highest. Electricity users pay for their power in terms of their electricity usage and the subsequent demand charges, which are based on the highest usage within a billing cycle. These demand charges account for spikes in usage and can often constitute more than half of a commercial or industrial end user’s bill. By using stored solar energy to decrease their peak demand, users can greatly reduce their monthly utility bill.

Level of Resiliency

By implementing your solar PV system with an energy storage system, your level of resiliency is vastly increased. For our users who rely on a continuous supply of electricity (e.g. hospitals, cold storage facilities, schools and community centers), energy storage may provide an invaluable measure of added security when the energy grid goes down.

Tap into your energy infrastructure to enhance sustainability and build resilience, all while reducing costs.

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