EV Charging

Large scale, cost effective, load managed

EV charging is rapidly accelerating, with the United States, nearly 5.4 million hybrid electric vehicles and over 1.4 million plug-in electric vehicles have sold since they came on the market in 1999 and 2010, respectively. More than half of new cars sold by 2040 will be EVs and automakers like General Motors and Ford plan to switch to all EVs by 2035.

Charging solutions must be implemented in the right places and quantities to sustain the growth of electric vehicle adoption. To meet the scale required of the current adoption trends, businesses are confronted with substantial upgrades to their electrical systems, making EV charging installations financially burdensome and lengthy in time, if not completely infeasible.

PowerFlex Systems created Adaptive Load Management (ALM), a software algorithm that optimizes power consumption across a large network of charging stations. ALM optimizes each station’s output to meet user demand while only using a fraction of the aggregate power traditionally required. This allows businesses to shave as much as 60% off the cost of electrical system upgrades and peak demand charges, paving the way to larger and more affordable charging networks that ultimately meet or exceed the adoption pace of electric vehicles.

With PowerFlex hardware, you can install 3-4 times the number of charging stations and avoid expensive infrastructure upgrades

For most EV installations, the total number of charging stations that can be installed is directly correlated to the available power at a facility.
Because most charging stations today are designed to go at full speed only, there is no flexibility in terms of their power outputs. This requires facilities to be able to provide enough power for all charging stations to run at full speed at the same time, all the time.

Most facilities can meet this requirement for a few charging stations, but at a large scale the power requirements become tremendous and are not even necessary to provide the range that users need. Most charging stations will become idle, wasting valuable power capacity.

With ALM, a site can install many more charging stations than the electrical code would traditionally allow. This is because with ALM, a facility does not need to have the ability to power all charging stations at full speed at the same time. Stations are controlled individually based on users’ charging requirements and the facility’s real-time power availability. This allows PowerFlex to increase the number of charging stations that businesses can install on the same amount of power.

We can reduce peak power consumption and still provide drivers with the range they need. Everybody benefits!

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