Project Development

From system sizing and financing to researching and applying for government and utility incentives, kicking off a renewable energy project can seem daunting. But with PowerFlex, there’s nothing to get stressed about. Our experienced team will guide you through the critical steps to ensure the operation is a success from the start.

Financial Structuring

We offer an array of flexible financial models, including ones that require no upfront capital investment at all. And don’t worry, we’ll help you choose the arrangement that’s right for your organization based on your unique financial profile.

Incentive Management

There are many cost-saving and revenue-generating incentives available to renewable energy customers on the federal, state, and local levels. We’ll make sure you get everything you’re eligible for and handle all of the applications.

System Design

Taking into account your annual energy consumption, available property space, and a host of other factors, our engineers will tailor a renewable energy system that satisfies both your financial and sustainability goals.