The Valuation Tool That Enables Smart Onsite Energy Choices

The PowerFlex Exact™ valuation tool helps stakeholders make informed decisions when installing solar arrays, battery energy storage systems, electric vehicle charging equipment, and other onsite energy solutions. PowerFlex Exact compares various Distributed Energy Resource configurations, utility tariffs, and incentive programs with regard to their impact on utility bills, greenhouse gas emissions, and other factors that are important to site owners and operators.

The energy insights you want, plus the confidence you need

Customers can feel secure in the strategic choices they make about their onsite energy generation and consumption thanks to the PowerFlex Exact platform’s intelligent feature set.

• Identifies Best Technology Options: PowerFlex Exact precisely determines the energy mix that will be most beneficial to your financial and sustainability goals, without any investment in infrastructure.

• Generates Realistic Models: Leveraging the same asset optimizations utilized by PowerFlex Cortex™, The revolutionary energy management system, PowerFlex Exact produces accurate “what-if” scenarios to aid in decision-making.

Realize PowerFlex Exact’s™ full potential as part of the PowerFlex X platform

PowerFlex Exact works seamlessly within PowerFlex X, PowerFlex’s line of proprietary software and hardware that manages and optimizes all your Distributed Energy Resources. It all starts with the Nexus hardware product, which centralizes information about your onsite energy generation, storage, and loads. Nexus forms the physical bridge between your assets and PowerFlex Cortex, PowerFlex’s revolutionary energy management system. PowerFlex Cortex intelligently controls and monitors onsite clean energy technologies to ensure optimal operation. It leverages data from PowerFlex Exact to train the models that govern its proprietary algorithms, which maximize energy efficiency and financial savings. PowerFlex Axcess™ is PowerFlex’s single-sign-in customer portal that displays real-time insights for solar generation, energy storage, EV charging, and facility electricity consumption. The operating reports Axcess generates are auditable against the performance estimates provided by Exact. PowerFlex Axcess™ also generates historical reporting, which it feeds back to Exact to help improve its valuation abilities.

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