5 Reasons Why Hotels Need to Install EV Chargers

5 Reasons Why Hotels Need to Install EV Chargers - PowerFlex

Around 17% of all light-duty vehicles sold in California are electric, on track to total more than 1 million EVs on the road by summer 2023. But at present, there are less than 80,000 Level 2 and Level 3 EV chargers in the state. This discrepancy between the number of EVs on the road and available chargers stands to not only impact drivers, but also commercial properties they frequent, including hotels. Here are five reasons why hotels need to consider installing EV charging stations on their property. 

1. Ease Guests’ Range Anxiety

With more EVs than there are available charging stations, drivers are sure to experience so-called “range anxiety” as they embark on road trips. Range anxiety is the fear of running out of power before you’re able to reach either your destination or a charging station to replenish your battery.  

Given this very real concern, it’s safe to assume that drivers will feel compelled to seek out and select hotels with robust EV charging infrastructure when planning a work trip or family vacation. By installing EV chargers in your hotel parking lot or garage, you can entice more EV drivers to book with the promise of being able to recharge their vehicles during their stay so they can return home safely and without fear of running out of power mid trip. 

2. Attract Higher-Income Customers

Electric vehicle drivers tend to earn more money, with 57% reporting an income greater than $100,000. Providing access to EV charging at your hotel can help draw higher-spending clientele who are not only willing to pay a premium for rooms and facilities, but also are likelier to spend money at your hotel bar and restaurant, as well as well indulge in other onsite amenities like room service, spa treatments, and marketplace items. 

3. Claim Additional Revenue Opportunities

Charging guests a nominal fee to use EV charging stations creates a new revenue stream for hotels. Upon plugging in their vehicle, drivers pay a per-kilowatt-hour rate for the electricity dispensed. Combined with other parking amenities you may already offer on site, like valet service, revenue from EV charging can give a boost to your bottom line. Accurately tracking this revenue is essential, and PowerFlex makes it easy with Axcess, our customer portal that monitors and provides historical reporting on all your onsite EV charging sessions.

4. Improve Sustainability Appeal

Whether you’re a boutique hotel or part of a large chain, your sustainability efforts can factor greatly into your success. Consumers notice what corporations are doing to mitigate their environmental impact and support clean technologies, and a growing number of them take sustainability into account when making purchase decisions. Adding EV chargers to your property sends a clear message to your eco-conscious clientele that you are actively encouraging the adoption of zero-emission vehicles.

5. Enjoy Affordable Installation & Energy Costs

When working with an experienced developer like PowerFlex, you can implement EV charging with minimal financial commitment. Thanks to our patented Adaptive Load Management software that intelligently manages EV charging demand, there is no need to make significant upgrades to your existing electrical infrastructure. Less power is used compared to traditional installations, and costly utility demand charges are avoided by balancing power draw across the charging network.  

5 Reasons Why Hotels Need to Install EV Chargers - PowerFlex

Home2 Suites by Hilton | San Franciso, CA | 28 EV charging stations installed 

Additionally, there are a wealth of state-level incentives that can greatly reduce installation costs — or in some cases, eliminate them altogether. Our EV charging experts at PowerFlex are knowledgeable on current and proposed incentives in the state of California and in other EV-friendly regions across the United States. We handle all application paperwork and track rebate payments on behalf of our clients, making for a completely seamless and financially beneficial process.  

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